Back to the roots…

…of a student and socializer. On Monday 1st September I checked out of my beloved Tian Ci Service Apartment in the heart of Shanghai for the sake of a student and campus life at Tongji University. My update only comes that late because I had limited Internet access in the International Students Dormitory of the university till yesterday when a guy from China Telecom relieved me from my WWW absence by installing a modem in my room. Fortunately I managed to operate my blog again via proxy server. Let’s go back to the beginning because this week happened to be a really eventful one.

After checking out on Monday I made my way to the Maglev (engl. magnetic levitation) train station in order to pick up my colleague Felix also from Vienna School of Economics and Business Administration. This hyper modern train connects the Pudong Airport with the more central part of Shanghai and at his peak reaches a velocity of almost 430 km/h. Besides me Felix has also been nominated from the home university to undergo this exchange term at Tongji and through my pick-up at the airport I wanted to help him to make his start in Shanghai easier. Unfortunately due to some delay in Vienna his luggage didn’t make it to the connection flight in Düsseldorf. Nevertheless we took a cab after going back by Maglev to reach the Tongji University at Siping Campus, which serves as the biggest and main part of this institution in Shanghai. After asking us through to get to the International Students Dormitory we happened to get a room next to each other. The first appearance of the dormitory wasn’t the best, but after cleaning up and making ourselves more comfortable it’s kind of bearable here. Moreover the distance to the seminar buildings are really a big advantage in comparison to flats outside of the campus. The rest of the week had some sightseeing in store for us three (Felix, Thomas – also at the same floor of the dorm, and me). I showed them a little bit of Shanghai as I meanwhile know the centre a little bit and a part of the most important MUST SEE’s.

Here are some impressions of the university campus which’s entrance is currently under construction, unfortunately:

On Tuesday during the registration we came in touch with the people at School of Economics and Management (SEM) for the first time. They gave us the schedule for this first preparation week and also helpful information for the begin of the semester, which is today, actually 😉 On Wednesday I showed the Xintiandi to the newcomers and they had their first nice Chinese dinner. Following that once again Bar Rouge was on schedule where they could get a great impression of the skyline of the New Bund of Shanghai. On Thursday the placement exam for the Chinese language courses took place and Felix and I fortunately advanced to the “intermediate” level, which is the highest level offered for Chinese courses. On Friday the SEM organized a trip to Zhu Jia Jiao (Watertown). But this is worth a separate blog entry going with the obligatory weekend party-update. Coming up soon…

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  1. Thomas’s avatar

    Also der Campus schaut ja toll aus. Übrigens, wir haben gestern beim Klassentreffen an dich gedacht und ein paar Fotos gemacht, hab vorhin ein paar auf StudiVZ raufgeladen.

    Grüße all the way to China aus good old Austria,


  2. max’s avatar

    he eich jetzt bist in china und gehst ins hooters? du kulturbanause! hoff du machst dir a schöne zeit!
    ich werde dir in nächster Zeit eine mail schicken mit fotos, fahren vielleicht von Fr. bis So. auf die alm. halt die ohren steiff!!


  3. oakgoeseast’s avatar

    hehe, manchmal braucht man diese westlichen Ausflüchte!

    Ja, schick ein paar Photo’s vorbei, der Johnny hat mirs eh schon erzählt, dass ihr wiedermal auf die Alm fahrts.

    Viel Spaß,



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