Trans-Mongolian Railway

Day #6/7 – main stop Ulaanbaatar (Moscow time +4h): We went back to Irkutsk on Monday morning in order to leave the city directing to Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) in the evening. We just had a quick shower in our hostel (Baikaler link) and had our dinner right across the street. After that it was time to get to the train. This time we are split up in the cabins. Martin and Philip are staying with a Belgium couple and I’m in one booth with two Scottish guys and a Russian lady who is working for a sweets company and thus got plenty of this stuff with her on her way to UB. Right now we are stuck at the Russian-Mongolian border facing a five-hours stay, as the process of getting all the stuff of traders through the costumes takes pretty long. Passports had been collected already and this process is going to be repeated in Mongolia – Lonely Planet says, that anything up to 11 waiting hours is quite common. We’re btw also winning back one hour, as Mongolia doesn’t have summer time.

Photos: Иркутck (Irkutsk) to Улаанбаатар (Ulaanbaatar)


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