Wed, 21st July 2010: 6am, arriving in UB we got picked up by Sergelen, a guy that studies in Vienna and spends his summers in Mongolia (I know him through a basketball colleague of mine, but saw him in person for the first time in UB). So once more we had a nice local showing us around to all the good places that UB offers. We were checking in the hotel Sergelen recommended to us and went to the city buying the train tickets to China. After some sightseeing in the center and around UB (to see the yurt villages that are circling the rather urban city center) the Tourek of Sergelen broke down for some reason enabling us to see the local VW store/garage there ;). After one hour though reparations were finished. In the evening we all went to have dinner at Modern Nomads with some more French girls we knew from the Trans-Mongolian train and eventually ended up in an introduction to UB’s nightlife which is legendary.

Next day: Say hello to Mr. hangover due to only two hours of sleep and spirits that already accompanied us through Russia – let’s call them Vodka. We had an arrangement though. The day before we ordered a driver to take us to a village that still lives in the way Mongolian people did in the 13th century in the middle of nowhere. Having our bellies filled up with Tarag (some traditional yoghurt) we enjoyed the different stations devoted to horse- and camel riding, calligraphy and so on. On our way home we stopped at a huge monument of Genghis Khan which happened to be also in the middle of nowhere. Might be possible that everything in a huge country with not even half of the population of Austria seems to be in the middle of nowhere.

As it had been quite a few days since the last contact with policemen of other nations (Russia) I somehow felt the urge to get in touch with the Mongolian police and thus had my wallet stolen out of my back pocket. Happening in front of Café Amsterdam (a place with a lot foreigners) someone pushed me while another one grabbed the wallet almost not noticeably. About two or three seconds later I was missing a certain monetary pressure normally caused by the properly positioned wallet on my right butt cheek and tried to run after the thief. Someone sitting in the streets pointed at two guys obviously fighting for something. I ran there with Mogi (a friend of Sergelen) and suddenly the guy who stopped the thief overwhelmed him and handed my wallet back to me – a really brave guy. There were some undercover cops on the streets and immediately got into the scene taking my wallet from me again in order to have evidence. As they focused a little too much on the thief another four guys beat the brave guy up in the meantime. They wanted to make it official so they took the two guys and me to the police station, actually just nearby the scene. Not a long time passed and the thief admitted his crime.

That was basically everything about our two-night UB experience.

Photos: Улаанбаатар (Ulaanbaatar)

  1. sergelen’s avatar

    yo i should post some pics of you guys rocking metropolis hehehe
    and the car is called touareg, man!
    the pickpocket thing seems to have left the most impression, huh?



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