Next stop: Luang Prabang

Going there by plane (Lao Airlines) was fairly convenient. We got picked up from the airport by our host, Mr Samor, who seemed to be a quite influential politician and guesthouse/hotel-owner in Luang Prabang. The Merry Guesthouse III was just amazing. It’s located besides Khan river, we had a balcony and a cozy room. Staff was incredibly kind and breakfast delicious. Mr Samor could speak German very well, because he lived in Berlin for a few years.

Why should you go to Laos?
1. People are extremely laid back and kind
2. Scenery-wise probably the most untouched country I’ve ever visited
3. Tubing – that’s what we heard, but we didn’t try it 😉 The city where tubing is most famous was a little too far south for us and thus not manageable in our tight schedule.

Five days are easily spent in the country of the 1.000 elephants. You go to the major waterfalls around LP, I’d recommend taking a Tuk Tuk. You stroll through the quiet and dozy city, have a glimpse on the countless Wats (buddhist temples) and have a beer Lao in Lao Lao garden, a very typical and scenic beer garden in the heart of LP.

It was interesting to see the pace decreasing coming from busy Hanoi. No hurry, just relax, life’s short anyways 😉 We took that opportunity in order to slow down a little from the experiences we already had and the constant commotion on this long track.

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