1912 (in Nanjing)

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…After asking Ernst to take me to Nanjing one time (if possible) enabling me to see the Viscose plant of the Lenzing Group (with high recommendations of my dad), precisely Lenzing Nanjing Fibers Co., Ldt. (LNF). He therefore called me on Tuesday evening that we’ll have a trip there from Wednesday till Friday. Actually this plant started its production last year and is a joint-venture with Nanjing Chemical Fibre Co., Ldt. in which the Lenzing holds 70%. The chinese government has set up several regulations for Foreign Direct Investments (only Joint-Ventures are allowed as a market entry mode for non-chinese companies, in which the concerned chinese company has to the hold majority of the shares, usually at least 51%) in some fields. The Viscose field, the Lenzing Group is operating in, originally wasn’t constrained by such regulations. A Joint Venture nevertheless was considered, as market knowledge and governmental application schedules were already given by the experience of the chinese JV-partner.

So we left Shanghai Wednesday afternoon, after getting our work done, with the new company car (Audi Q7 – very comfortable ;)) and of course Ernst’s personal driver, Mr. Zhao, who safely brought us to the Sofitel Hotel which is located quite in the middle of the way to Nanjing and the Viscose plant. I have to admit that I was fairly impressed by the luxurious lodging style because I haven’t had the opportunity to live that big so far.

The next day I was introduced to the staff here in Nanjing. After getting home, Ernst invited me on a golf course (9 holes) which is next to the hotel and can be played at during evening-time thanks to the floodlights (I don’t know whether I have previously mentionend that it gets dark at about 7 p.m. in this geographical area – pretty weird to me in the first days, but you get used to it. What’s next is, that the day/night-times approximately stay the same the whole year, as a result time-switches can be avoided). This created a great atmosphere as you probably can tell by the taken pictures.

Following that we went to Nanjing for having dinner at a bar called “Blue Marlin” (Source on Nanjing Now). This bar is situated at a place called 1912, which is quite similiar to the xintiandi of Shanghai – Chinese archithecture but mainly Western entertainment. Fortunately there was a live-band playing and I have to admit respectfully that these philippino-guys delivered an astonishing performance.


So the evening was mainly dedicated to white Erdinger beer, steaks, great music and getting to know the hostess of this bar. Her name’s Dia, also from the Philippines, and she happend to speak German a few words. Her official job description was “Customer Relation Manager”. With her looks and Jägermeister deliveries for us its admittedely easy to “relate” to customers ;).

On Friday we checked out of the Sofitel and went to the plant one more time. Being there I was shown around to get to know the production process. Due to knowing the plants in Austria (Lenzing, Heiligenkreuz) I’m quite familiar with that topic and not too “green” anymore.

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