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This week (4th) was horrible in terms of Internet bandwidth. Some main data connection lines between Europe and Asia apparently were damaged leading to tremendously over-strained local Internet providers. That’s just to apologize for not having updated duly this time 😉 – nevertheless I’ll date back the entry to last Sunday when I arrived back from the “beach-trip” to 南戴河 (Nan Dai He).

As you can tell from the pictures it was big fun and very Chinese of course. It’s just nice for me having the opportunity to experience that kind of team-building office vacation. On Friday, we had the day off in order to being able to prepare for the trip and on top, as my colleagues used to say: “have a lazy sleep”. I confidently followed their advice, of course 😉 We took off from Dong Zhi Men Subway Station in the noon time and arrived in Nan Dai He at about 6 pm in the evening. The welcome dinner was quite liquid owing to a few bottles of 白酒 (Bai Jiu, literally meaning “white alcohol”; I’d rather translate it with hard liquor or schnapps). Following that, we strolled to the beach accompanied by the tones of an amplified harmonica, played by one of the bosses, and enjoyed some delicious and fresh seafood.

For the next day I mainly want the pictures to tell the water park story, because I could hardly make up my mind due to seeing sooooooooo many people in one place… it somehow reminded me of Tian’An Men in the Golden Week last year.

final group pic

Nevertheless, on Sunday we had a good time on the not so crowded beach just in front of our hotel with playing some soccer and yeah, swim in the not so European standard clean sea… it was so polluted. But I don’t want to go into more detail here, as I know Chinese people are partly embarrassed of what they are doing to the environment. The question on the other hand is, how would any other people rich nation handle this sensitive topic? However, I experience a change of mind here in my job concerning environmental and social responsibility issues and can only support that by all means.

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