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office times in CNTAC

It have been 2 months full of experiences given the opportunity of working in a total Chinese environment… This entry I mainly want to dedicate to my colleagues in the Corporate Social Responsibility office who had to deal with me every day 😉 The CSR team works for a good thing that is new to the industry and even new to China. It’s about treating people, human rights and environmental issues that are focused on and dedicated to being improved. As the first industry adapting this way of thinking it is also the first step of putting forward the country’s development in not only economic perspectives rather than human-oriented perspectives.

Sitting here on my last day in the office and typing these lines reminds me mostly of intense times going along with a lot impressions of culture, language and lifestyle. My colleagues are very kind people that cared for me very well during my stay and I constantly had the feeling of being appreciated and my work being respected. I simply had a blast here!

I hope all of us will keep in touch and I also hope that some day I’ll have the chance to revisit you and your adorable city.


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1st week

My first week was mainly about getting acquainted to the new environment again and managing all those administrative things like registering as resident at the police station, opening a RMB bank account and to internalize important things I’ll need for work. Concerning the job I’m in an office under the China National Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC) that entails in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

“In the context of the economic globalization, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is not only an ethical or moral issue, but it concerns the corporate concept and philosophy that impacts management and operational aspects of businesses. CSR places an emphasis on the respect and recognition of human values of employees and taking care of their consumers, environment and multi-stakeholders. This practice that goes beyond of the profit-driven approach previously taken as the only business objective is increasingly embraced by international and Chinese enterprises and companies.“ (Source)

It has been quite interesting so far and I’m already curious about the tasks coming up for me tomorrow. I work Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm at the office, which is in the very center of Beijing – one stop before Tian’an Men East Stop that leads right to the enormous square. It takes me about half an hour to get there from my apartment (3 subway stops).

Chao Yang District is – as already mentioned – the biggest district in Beijing with a lot of huge companies located there.

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