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Dali 大理

As Kunming only served as a hub for us in order to reach the northern located old towns, the Belgium- (in the meantime expanded by Chloe and Laure) and the Austrian crew left to Dali by bus after having spent only one night in Kunming.

erhai lake

大理 (Dali)

The upcoming two days were really enjoyable as on the first day we went to a huge waterfall on horsebacks (a rather new experience to me 😉 and explored the local Erhai lake by bikes on the next day.

Several little villages gave way to the quite stretched lake which was a great experience for all of us.

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Lijiang 丽江

Arriving in Lijiang after another bus ride from our last destination Dali was quite nice for us, as it is probably THE MOST ADMIRED old town among Chinese people. We checked-in our hostel in the heart of the more than 800 years old town and immediately went off to the hill of Lijiang to get a first impression and overview of this lovely place. It convinces of its nice waterways, different architecture and the population of the local ethnic group – the Naxi.

black dragon pool

丽江 (Lijiang)

The Tiger Leaping Gorge is a canyon on the Yangtze River that lies 60km north of Lijiang and is surrounded by a few more than 5.000m mountains. We mainly went to see the famous rock, where according to a legend the tiger leaped to the other side in order to escape the chase of a hunter.

tiger leaping gorge

虎跳峡 (Tiger Leaping Gorge)


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