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After leaving the office on Friday afternoon I had a walk at GuangChang Park which is also very close to People’s Square. Good to see some green area even in a crowded place like this.

On Saturday the first meeting with my generous host and head of the LFS office Ernst Sandrieser and his lovely wife Lai Ping took place. The showed me 新天地 (xintiandi), which is a Western influenced shopping, eating and entertainment area famous of its outstanding architecture. It was restored in the traditional ‘shikumen’ style consisting of stone gate houses infused with narrow alleys.

Following that I explored the nightlife on HengShang Rd. by myself a little bit and happened to stumble across some appealing pubs and clubs.

On Sunday I asked out my personal tourist guide Aurora (just kidding) to show me one of the most renowned shopping areas – the NanJing Rd. This is especially convincing of the pedestrian area where you don’t have to fear to get knocked over by the sometimes very chaotic and confusing traffic. Entering the subway at People’s Square to cross HuangPu River accordingly, I happened to enjoy my first supper Sichuan–style which proofed to be extraordinary spicy. Later on we ended up on the riverside of HuangPu River again just like at my arrival’s day.

Finally I have to admit that I was experiencing some troubles by opening my blog outside of the office. I already heard that some pages are blocked by the Chinese government, especially blogs to avoid critical voices during the games. A pity but I will have to accept that fact. Therefore during August it will only be possible to update my virtual diary in the office, of course only if workload allows it ;).

So this might be basically all for today. Tomorrow I’ll have the chance to watch the basketball preparation game Australia vs. USA (Men’s National Team) for Beijing 2008 at Shanghai Qizhong Sports City Arena.

All the best in the meantime!


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As I already alluded to my internship at Lenzing Fibers Shanghai in recent posts I would like to go into further detail concerning job-related tasks by this post.

My presentation in .pdf f.y.r.: michael-eichinger-in-shanghai

After I gave the staff at LFS a short ppt presentation about myself, family, friends, hobbies, Austria and its geographical core position in Europe (respectively to emerging markets in CEE), my studies and the little trading company (ODEM | www.odem.eu) my mother set up in Austria, I immediately received my Chinese nickname 小麦 (xiaomai: little Mike). That’s tradition in China to address the daughter or son with the prefix 小 (xiao: little). Similarly the parent generation receives the prefix 老 (lao: old (respectfully speaking)). To give an example my father would be called “laodi” (Dieter Eichinger).
The nickname mainly originated from Peter Gao who is responsible for the Sales at LFS.

He introduced me to the Business Plan and vision of the office and we also discussed differences between the ways of doing business in China and Europe. As it is a short time for me joining LFS he integrated me into an existing project which is all about customer acquisition to be precise developer acquisition. So my tasks will consist of supporting Aurora (responsible for Marketing) in customer visits and the following reporting. This is quite interesting especially for me as it enables the opportunity of seeing different places even outside of Shanghai and getting a glimpse of doing business in China.
This topic, precisely the comparison of the two different management styles of course needs deeper research and further elaboration. If workload allows it I will manifest my observations and go into more detail.

View from the office building (23rd floor) not far away from the People’s Square.

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…on Wednesday morning at Pu Dong Airport, which serves as the International Airport for Shanghai. I got immediately picked up by a driver sent by the Lenzing office and was brought to my apartment where I’ll live for the next weeks. This is by the way a luxurious 92 sqm loft on the 15th floor with a beautiful view to the Bund.

Balcony view

Balcony view

(The picture was taken yesterday night after 11 p.m when the flashy lights usually are already gone.)

After checking into my apartment I got a call from Maggie, one of the marketing girls of the LFS (Lenzing Fibers Shanghai) to have some lunch together. I additionally got to know Aurora who is also working at the office. She showed me the Bund at night and helped me to buy a chinese cell phone (+8613818350440).

To sum up, this was my first day in a whole new world which actually already started in Fürstenfeld / Styria at 7 a.m. when my family brought me to Vienna airport. I left Vienna to Frankfurt at 11 a.m. and had a 5 hours stay there before departing to Pudong Airport / Shanghai, which could have been a more pleasant flight. But I finally made it and I’m lucky to stay for half a year not to repeat that kind of torture too early. Just kidding… 😉

oak in front of the Bund

oak in front of the Bund

Today, after having troubles with the network driver of my notebook back at the apartment and also at the office, I mainly spent my time in the office. After lunch Aurora took me to a customer meeting where she presented the LFS. As you could probably imagine – in Chinese. Thank god I already knew the mainpart of the Lenzing slides.

The good thing is that I nearly didn’t suffer any jetleg although I could hardly catch any sleep on the plane. So far I really enjoy the atmosphere here in Shanghai and I’ll try to further explore it during the next week with the opportunity of living virtually at the center of this huge business place.

I hope that you appreciate being kept up-2-date in form of this blog!

再见 (zai jian),


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