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On Friday I met Ingo and Mengmeng at Hou Hai Lake a scenic spot with a lot of cosy little bars. I know Ingo from Vienna as we started to study Chinese at the same time. He has been here in Beijing for already a year. We even met last year when I came to visit Beijing during the Golden Week. It’s nice to have some locals you can refer to and of course – for going out and get to know the spots you wouldn’t find that easily by yourself. So after that it was San Li Tun Area where we went to party. For me it was a nice impression of Beijing nightlife 😉

On Saturday we met at Ingo’s place first to go out again afterwards – same area as on Friday. What I can tell is that so far nightlife in Beijing in comparison to Shanghai is just different. Here you seem to have less opportunity where to go to. But I may be wrong; it’s just the things I was told by people who as well have the city comparison.

On Saturday I went to see Tian’an Men approaching the square from South by walking through the newly built shopping street Qian Men (前门) that still is a big construction sight. Quite a walk… As soon as I arrived on the square it was already about to start raining so I just rushed home. Unfortunately it wasn’t suitable weather for shooting some nice pics anyways.

And today, Sunday, it was my first sunny day here so I walked for about 5 hours in the “fresh” air to explore the environment surrounding my apartment. Via Workers Stadium (工人体育场) I went to the San Li Tun village a really westernized shopping area. I also had a brief look at the Silk Street Pearl Market, but somehow it was too crowded today so I didn’t feel like staying there long… Well, I hope you all enjoy the impressions I herewith provide 😉

Have a good one, Michael

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Shanghai nightlife

Hotspots: G+ (Xintiandi), Hofbräuhaus Shanghai (Pudong)

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After leaving the office on Friday afternoon I had a walk at GuangChang Park which is also very close to People’s Square. Good to see some green area even in a crowded place like this.

On Saturday the first meeting with my generous host and head of the LFS office Ernst Sandrieser and his lovely wife Lai Ping took place. The showed me 新天地 (xintiandi), which is a Western influenced shopping, eating and entertainment area famous of its outstanding architecture. It was restored in the traditional ‘shikumen’ style consisting of stone gate houses infused with narrow alleys.

Following that I explored the nightlife on HengShang Rd. by myself a little bit and happened to stumble across some appealing pubs and clubs.

On Sunday I asked out my personal tourist guide Aurora (just kidding) to show me one of the most renowned shopping areas – the NanJing Rd. This is especially convincing of the pedestrian area where you don’t have to fear to get knocked over by the sometimes very chaotic and confusing traffic. Entering the subway at People’s Square to cross HuangPu River accordingly, I happened to enjoy my first supper Sichuan–style which proofed to be extraordinary spicy. Later on we ended up on the riverside of HuangPu River again just like at my arrival’s day.

Finally I have to admit that I was experiencing some troubles by opening my blog outside of the office. I already heard that some pages are blocked by the Chinese government, especially blogs to avoid critical voices during the games. A pity but I will have to accept that fact. Therefore during August it will only be possible to update my virtual diary in the office, of course only if workload allows it ;).

So this might be basically all for today. Tomorrow I’ll have the chance to watch the basketball preparation game Australia vs. USA (Men’s National Team) for Beijing 2008 at Shanghai Qizhong Sports City Arena.

All the best in the meantime!


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